About Us

Melissa Simone, founded in Los Angeles in 2018, is a swim and resort wear brand focused on creating high-quality, luxurious pieces. Inspired by the timeless silhouettes and classic beauty standards of the nineties, our products—which range from high-cut thongs, to one-pieces, and string-back bikinis—uniquely blend classic and modern elements to create pieces that feel both new and familiar at the same time. Our attention to detail and design is evident in the attention-grabbing cuts, excellent materials, and quality tailoring that define our brand. Melissa Simone is also available at the following premium retailers: Revolve, Kith, and FWRD.

The brand was created by Melissa Simone Gardner, an industry-disrupting designer and businesswoman. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Simone moved to Los Angeles post-grad to pursue design full-time. Simone takes a slow and considered approach to creation, favoring craftsmanship and longevity over the fads of fast fashion. Through Melissa Simone, she hopes to create a brand that will stand the test of time, and can be passed down from generation to generation.